Tryst Nightclub provides a sophisticated party atmosphere in the entertainment district.
Part parlour... part garden... part labyrinth under the stars – Tryst is a multi-sensory experience that beguiles and enchants. Catering only to a discerning clientele, Tryst features three distinct salons that pay tribute to themes of opulence, extravagance and unspoken sexuality. From the wickedly indulgent to the secretly intimate, an evening at Tryst is a journey into pleasure.
Tryst has been designed to excite the senses. Sleek, seductive and international in style, each salon offers the luxuries of a premiere nightclub and the amenities of a world-class venue. Near the main entrance, the double-height Havana Lounge wraps each guest in the richness of teal wood paneling; elegant columns and chandelier lighting suggest the intimacy of a secret rendezvous. An ornately sculpted courtyard garden leads from the Havana Lounge to the Loft where soaring 20-ft ceilings shimmer with constellations of light. A glimmering cocktail bar teases the eyes with its pearlescent finish while velvet settees overlook the starlit garden and offer the promise of lingering conversations.
From the Havana Lounge or the Loft, a single flight of stairs connects to The Club – the beating, throbbing heart of Tryst. A pulsating fusion of sight and sound, The Vegas Suites is a darkly opulent subterranean sanctuary. Floor to ceiling columns give way to the open space of a dance floor flanked by a shimmering granite bar stretching the length of the room. From the premium service luxury of exclusive booths, guests overlook the dance floor and its frenzied revelry. Above it all, a shining infinity ceiling reflects the sweat-slicked bodies that merge and move below.

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