MINT bar takes a FRESH approach to the clubbing experience. Our concept is MINT and embraces the word in every sense.
- MINT, long known as a symbol of hospitality in Greek Mythology, MINT bar offers patrons a warm and friendly welcome
- COOL and contemporary atmosphere (black & white with MINT accents)
- STIMULATING state of art sound system plus one of the only clubs in Toronto to showcase video mixing
- ExcitMINT weekly R&B In The City ~ Marquee Saturdays, Special Events Bookings (Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays)
- ExperiMINT our specialty MINT cocktails served by our MINTologists
- MINT lotteries (the opportunity to leave the club with a small MINT)
- MINT service including two VIP areas with 11 booths with bottle service
MINT bar is located in the heart of the popular and vibrant Yonge and Eglinton entertainment district. A great alternative to downtown clubbing, this location boasts easy access via public transport and highways and provides ample, affordable parking.
MINT bar seeks to attract patrons from the large residential developments, Toronto's mid-town financial district and the many multi-national corporations head offices in the surrounding area. MINT bar will be marketed through flyers sent to businesses and homes in the surrounding neighborhoods and radio advertising to attract out of area business to this 'destination venue'. Street teams will tout for passing trade.
What's more, MINT bar will attract corporate and private events, film shoots, product launches, gallery showings and fashion shows as its 5000 square feet venue is unique and versatile. It is our aim to make MINT bar the choice venue for any social gathering.
Payment Types: Visa / Master Card / Amex /

Upcoming Events at MiNT Bar and Nightclub

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