Multi-purpose bar/club/live music venue in the heart of the Annex.
The Annex, located in the heart of Toronto, has long been a destination for artists, bands, nightlife and culture in the Bathurst and Bloor area. We’re proud to be welcomed into the mix with our unique taste of Live music and DJ Nights. BIG THANKS to the thousands of Torontonians and non- Torontonians alike, who’ve made us your party spot, week after week. We’re a fun alternative to the typical club scene, where you can still party, dance, and have tons of fun. This is your club, we just work here.
Like our name suggests, we draw in all styles, people, sights and sounds to make it a place you can call your own. Our staff has some of the most recognized faces in the city and also the friendliest.
Since our opening in February of 2007, we’ve grown bigger and better, offering a range of great events from raucus dance parties to intimate live indie music shows.

You can contact directly to the listing owner if you sign up.

Upcoming Events at The Annex Wreckroom


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